Saturday, October 12, 2013

A Beautiful Fall Day In The Ozarks

I was blessed to be able to spend the day outdoors today.  The day started out cloudy and we had a bit of rain, but it turned out to be an amazing day!  I loved the reflections in this picture.  We are finally starting to get some color here.  I loved the little stripe of red that was in the small tree in the foreground.  The quality of my photo isn't that great because all I had with me was my point and shoot camera.  I was afraid to take my Nikon out in the rain.  

 It's getting more difficult to find flowers blooming but I managed to find a couple.  I liked the droplets of dew that you can see on the second photo. 

I saw a couple of strange and interesting sights.  One of them were these tree roots.  I found this tree growing along a small creek.  I liked the way they looked and they made me think about how strongly living things cling to life.  Even though the soil had washed away from its roots the tree was hanging in there and continued to thrive. 

This was another strange and interesting thing that I ran across.  I have no idea what these pods are but I loved the texture and sight of them.  Does anyone know what they are? 

I thought it was interesting how this fungi was growing on the side of a downed tree.  It reminded me of ruffles.

I know this is a random thing to photograph, but I liked the contrast in this picture.  There is the dried out plant in the foreground and the green leaves contrasting it in the background. 

This picture was taken about five hours later than the first one on this post.  The sun had came out and it was 72 degrees.  Look at the beautiful blue sky and the fluffy white clouds.  What a perfect day to be outdoors!

Well, enough of my ramblings.  I hope you enjoyed the glimpse into my day.  I'll post again soon.  Get outside and enjoy the beauty that surrounds us.

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